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What Do We Know?

The Problem:

There aren’t enough affordable housing communities

There aren’t enough assisted and independent affordable housing communities for seniors

  • There are 77,000,000 baby boomers
  • 10,000 people turn 65 years old daily
  • 4,000 people turn 85 years old daily
  • 70% of seniors will need an average of 3.5 years of care and or ADL’S short for assistance with daily living but only 10% of Americans have long-term care insurance.
  • Over 3 million people eligible for housing assistance are waiting for vouchers from existing programs and nearly all of those waiting are seniors or families with children. Section 8 and public housing programs tend to have the longest waiting list. It is not uncommon to be on a waiting list for years.

The Solution:

  • Creating sustainable housing campuses with innovative, safe, green, modular construction for affordable home building.
  • Sustainable builds tend to pay themselves off quickly.
  • Green building and affordable housing continue to find ways to fit together as the construction industry transforms. Low to moderate-income families benefit the most from energy-efficient structures
  • Developing ideas for combining both while keeping rents and mortgage payments low
  • These economic times require us to look for the best return on investment for our communities. We understand green building provides that and more
    • Jobs
    • Training opportunities
    • Sustainable communities
    • Sustainable campuses
    • Healthy living
    • Safe, beautiful, vibrant communities
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Affordable
    • Money-saving energy-efficient ideas
    • More effective, less costly
    • Helps combat the affordable housing crisis and homelessness

How Hope's Response Helps?

Our mission is to develop and create diverse, healthy vibrant affordable housing communities for seniors, veterans, families, and individuals by implementing valuable research, financing options, and using innovative green technologies that are self-sustaining, and promote efficiency, and safety.

For  Hope’s Response our programs and affordable housing campuses, are OUR RESPONSE to fighting homelessness, and the housing crisis affecting our communities.

Hopes Response believes no one in need is left behind, so we developed a few service programs to give back to our aging citizens.

The Phoenix Rising Network Campaign

Through the Phoenix Rising Network Campaign we create, develop, and build affordable housing

  • Assisted/independent living campuses for seniors and veterans cost-burdened, our Stay in Place campuses for aged 62 and older offering  Long-Term Care Insurance plans, transportation, meals, activities, exercise, assistance with ADL’S from home health aides, and nursing on campus promotes affordable healthy living.
  • Transitional housing campuses for those needing supportive yet temporary housing, bridging the gap between homeless and permanent housing with Education and training programs, and employment opportunities.
  • Affordable housing campuses give cost-burdened individuals and families paying more than 30%-80% of their income on rents and those earning less than between 30-80% of the medium income an opportunity towards home-ownership. Become a homeowner in 12 to 15 years on our campuses.

Aging Citizens Outreach Programs

Stay In Place Campaign

The “Stay In Place” This program is geared to applicants from 50 years of age and older.

Our program is made up of three different service packages, geared to service our aging citizens. Consisting of 3 programs that focus on preparing and educating our seniors on the road to aging and providing guidance and ease of transition to those mid/low-income.

Our Programs:

  • Gateway Program for ages 50-55 includes
  • Silver  Senior Program for ages 56-60 includes
  • Golden Senior Program ages 61 & older includes

Take the virtual tour and experience our modular housing development designed to eradicate homelessness and instill hope in to the hearts and minds of the city’s most vulnerable.

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