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What We Know?

The Problem:

Almost 40,000 veterans are without shelter in the US on any given night. The leading causes of homelessness among vets are PTSD, social isolation, unemployment, and substance abuse.

Veterans account for 11% of homeless adults…

  • 51% of individual homeless veterans have disabilities
  • For every 1,000 veterans: 8 are homeless
  • 45% of homeless veterans suffer from mental illness 1.4 million veterans are at risk of becoming homeless
  • 91% of homeless veterans are male
  • 50% of veterans are over 51 years of age
  • More than half a million people are experiencing homelessness,
  • and 37,878 of these people are
  • homeless veterans found across the US

The Solution:

One place where assistance is given in obtaining all the benefits you are eligible to receive in regards to your individual circumstances.

A one-on-one yet coordinated effort in providing safe, secure housing, nutritional meals, healthcare education and eligibility, social and physical activities, job placement, education, and training.

Our “Thank You For Your Service” campaign is made up of 3 programs geared to our senior veterans and our “ Transformation” campaign is made up of 2 programs geared toward veterans of all ages to help them maneuver through their options and benefits and transition into our affordable housing campuses.

How Hope's Response Helps

At Hope's Response, we believe that everyone—regardless of socio-economic status, deserves  access to safe, decent, stable housing. 

Our mission is to develop and create diverse, vibrant, affordable housing communities for seniors, veterans, families, and individuals by implementing valuable research, financing options, and using innovative green technologies that are safe, self-sustaining, and promote efficiency.

For  Hope’s Response our programs and affordable housing campuses, are OUR RESPONSE to fighting homelessness, and the housing crisis affecting our communities.

Hopes Response believes that no one in need should be left behind, so we developed a few service programs to give back to those who need it most.

The Phoenix Rising Network Program

Through the Phoenix Rising Network Campaign we create, develop, and build affordable housing

  • Assisted/independent living campuses for seniors and veterans cost-burdened, our Stay in Place campuses for aged 62 and older offering  Long-Term Care Insurance plans, transportation, meals, activities, exercise, assistance with ADL’S from home health aides, and nursing on campus promotes affordable healthy living.
  • Transitional housing campuses for those needing supportive yet temporary housing, bridging the gap between homeless and permanent housing with Education and training programs, and employment opportunities.
  • Affordable housing campuses give cost-burdened individuals and families paying more than 30%-80% of their income on rents and those earning less than between 30-80% of the medium income an opportunity towards home-ownership. Become a homeowner in 12 to 15 years on our campuses.

Veterans OutReach Programs

Thank You For Your Service

The “Thank You For Your Service” program is made up of three different service packages, geared to service our aging veterans.

Transformation Service Program

The Transformation Service program is made up of 2 different service packages, but this one is geared toward veterans of all ages.

Veterans that may need help maneuvering through their options and benefits and transition into our affordable housing campuses.

Take the virtual tour and experience our modular housing development designed to eradicate homelessness and instill hope in to the hearts and minds of the city’s most vulnerable.

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