Vision & Mission

HOPE’S RESPONSE was created to become a positive force in our communities.

Our mission is to develop and create diverse, healthy, vibrant, affordable housing communities for seniors, veterans, families, and individuals by implementing valuable research, financing options, and using innovative green technologies that are self-sustaining, and promote efficiency and safety.

Feeling safe in your environment, having stable affordable housing options and resources to provide education and training leads to healthy strong safe communities that thrive.

PLEASE help us create a brighter future for our children, veterans, seniors, and families by supporting Hope’s Response in implementing its plans to create an abundance of affordable housing communities and resources so NO ONE IN NEED IS LEFT BEHIND!

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”.

John Holmes

We believe in our Vision for strong, safe communities and our belief that strong housing options result in a better quality of life.

Housing is a human right & feeling safe is too. 

Our goal and mission at Hope’s Response is to find innovative ways to build affordable housing and provide supportive services to those who need it.

We believe creating and providing a range of affordable, healthy, and stable homes in diverse neighborhoods along with campaigns to provide a safe environment, education and training programs will help shape the future of our communities, end homelessness and the lack of affordable housing.